Senin, 20 Februari 2012

Caitlin Beadles

Caitlin Beadles – Many people are talking about Caitlin Beadles and the accident that happened to her.  And so to stop people from wondering who is Caitlin Beadles and what happen to her when she got in an accident, I decided to write this article about her. Caitlin Beadles is actually the ex-girlfriend of the Youtube sensation Justin Bieber.
Who is Caitlin Beadles anyway?
Caitlin Beadles was an ordinary person with a happy life. As I watch her video from YouTube, She kinda reminds me of a young actress here in the Philippines named Raven Villanueva. In addition to this, she is the envy of most girls that dreamed of Justin Bieber. By the way, Caitlin Beadles is the love interest of Justin Bieber.
Caitlin Beadles Accident
According to some references, Just a few months ago, Caitlin Beadles got a serious boat accident when she was Jet Skiing and fell off but the boat behind her, ran over her implicating serious injuries. She was rushed to the hospital and right into surgery, she was not breathing on her own, and the doctors couldn’t stop the bleeding, the Beadles family wasn’t there when it happened. Her accident, was a terrible thing to happen.

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